Wood Selection and Maintenance

Does Economy or Durability Count while Choosing Deck Wood?
There are several types of wood and timber decking in use all over the world and in particular in Ontario, Canada. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that people of this country are quite particular about the quality of the product, and if you happen to live in Toronto or GTA, then you may approach some of the best makers who won’t disappoint you. But it’s not that easy to choose, as you will find several types of wood and, therefore, may find yourself at wits’ end as to which to prefer. In this article you may, however, get some guidance about different Decks Toronto so as to make it easy for you to decide which one is the best.

Hardwood, Softwood, and others

Your choice, first of all, has to be made between hardwood and softwood, although softwood was used during ancient times, and less – in the present days. This is because your deck is an extension of your house and must be able to withstand various weather conditions, in particular, wet and icy conditions of Ontario province. It is mainly for this reason that people prefer hardwood.

You may choose any of the well-known hardwood varieties, and these include Western cedar, teak, mahogany, or Ipe. The last of these, the Ipe Decks Toronto, are perhaps the most expensive and most durable among any of the others. The ipe wood hardly needs any maintenance or repair and has very high density and is even fire resistible. The life span of this wood is in the range of 25+ years, which is why you can consider it as a one-time investment.

In case of Cedar Decks Toronto, you will find that it has the most natural appearance, and yet, it is not as dense as ipe. Oftentimes, you can come across decks made of treated timber, composite materials, and even aluminum, yet they do not have the finish of the wooden decks.

If you are staying in or around one of the top class localities of Greater Toronto Area, then you are advised not to go for any cheap variety, but to select either Western cedar or ipe.

Composite Free Decks (Fiberon, TREX, Azek, Wolf)

There is no such thing as maintenance-free decks for any infinite period of time, but thanks to the durability of the mentioned above materials, you won’t have to worry about any immediate treatments. The ipe decks are the longest lasting ones, and the only thing you will need is to oil them each year, which isn’t a big issue, as any carpenter can do it for you. You must, of course, choose a good company that provides maintenance service for Decks in Toronto and knows everything about Decks Treatment.

Other types of hardwood decks might need a little more attention. You might need to use chlorine bleach, oxalic acid, or a good restoration product purchased online. Most sellers would provide you with waterproofing and sealing protection so that your Decks Toronto look like new for many years to come.