Preferred Material for Toronto Decks

Why Hardwood is the Preferred Material for Toronto Decks?

Wood is the preferred material when installing Decks Toronto in Ontario in Canada. This is mainly because you may not find sudden changes in the surface temperature as the climate changes. Again, wood decks usually have an elegant look, and a person with an eye for detail would at once notice the difference. Besides, unlike the treated timber or mixed plastics, they blend with a new home better and give your home a royal look. For instance, if you wish your deck to look like original hardwood, choose cedar. It doesn’t readily absorb moisture and, therefore, doesn’t cause any splitting or twisting, and you may find it quite flat and straight for a long time.

Economical Cedar

Cedar is considered quite economical if your house is a newly built one, and you wish to have an extension that matches it properly. Cedar Decks Toronto last for 15 to 20 years, and if your home is located in the Greater Toronto Area, then you may consider it your best installation. Besides, it can be easy to install, and most carpenters can do it.
In the case of yet another hardwood, namely the Ipe Decks Toronto, you will find them a little more difficult to install, as they need to be predrilled for screwing. Again, it needs to be oiled every year and dried to remove moisture to prevent warping and cracking.
You will find cedar maintaining its original look although there is danger of it deteriorating. To prevent this, you must maintain it regularly. You may also look for decks made of mahogany or teak. A good architect would suggest which of these is best to choose to suit your budget.

You needn’t fear about maintaining the decks, as you will find numerous Decks Treatment products marketed by companies. Hence, if you feel that your pocket will not be able to afford the expensive ipe, then you may choose any of the other hardwood varieties.

Planning a hardwood deck

You may ask your architect for an ideal hardwood deck, as it will be costly if you wish to make any changes later. If you feel that you cannot decide between the long lasting and expensive ipe with that of cedar at your home in Toronto, then you may do as below.
While choosing your deck, you may choose the horizontal part of the deck made of ipe, whereas the railings and other safety aspects made of cedar or other materials. This will bring down the cost of your deck. It is to be noted that most people prefer to choose Ipe wood for the deck situated on the ground, while for the upper floors of your home you may choose cedar, teak or mahogany.

You may need to carry out periodical maintenance. For this, you need to use sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite. For removing iron stains and tannin, you may choose to use oxalic acid. If you want a restoration product, then there are several good brands available, too.

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