Ipe Decks Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, and Greater Toronto Area are now enjoying a new trend in the market – Ipe Decks Toronto is quickly becoming a favourite material for architects, and has become even more popular among people who live in the GTA. One of the reasons why ipe is so trendy in these regions is that Ipe wood made for exterior decking is air dry. Ipe Decks Toronto companies build are not only beautiful, but also resistible to a wide range of outdoor moistures, and this is the reason of their popularity.

Unlike other products that have their challenges, Ipe Decks are lighter to medium brown colour and completely free of any knots or defects. Before people knew that ipe existed, the talk of Toronto was cedar. However, Ipe Decks Toronto companies build scales above the quality of cedar decks. That’s why many Decks Toronto companies are comfortable providing their clients with 50+ years of warranty, assuring them that an ipe deck will last that long.

The main concern of most customers is deck maintenance. Ipe Decks require the least amount of care among all wood decks. All it needs is some oiling at least once every year, and you will enjoy shining and glossy wood. As a matter of fact, our company has ensured that clients will be able to tell when the finish of the Deck is wearing off and a new coating is required. The key advantage is that the process does not involve additional expenses, because the old coat does not have to be sanded off, but the new coating is applied right on top.

Installation of Ipe Decks Toronto has been made easy with the advent of different technologies. We provide recommended Ipe clips and grooved Ipe decking. Additionally, we have used modern technologies to come up with standardized glue that put together all the decking down. This practice helps attach the Ipe firmly to the framing, thus minimizing any future movement due to the moisture cycles. Customers are now assured of an installation that minimizes any squeaking caused by loose fasteners. Unlike previous products, currently manufactured wax sealants ensure that all the ends are sealed so as to prevent loss of moisture, thus ensuring that customers are not experiencing any split end cuts with Ipe Decks Toronto.

Ipe Decks Toronto, unlike other related products, can withstand shrinkage and moisture and thus rarely cracks – we guarantee that customers will not deal with hair-thin cracks in as much as some cupping may be seen. As a matter of fact, we consider this cupping as a ‘non-issue’, as we offer you the needed oil, which, when applied, makes scratches and cupping disappear. Beautiful look and relatively low cost of maintenance is what makes Ipe Decks Toronto fit for any purpose.

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