Benefits of Hardwood Decks in Toronto

What are the Advantages of Hardwood Decks in Toronto?

Hardwood lumber is mostly used for making decks in Toronto, as they give decks that rare elegance, luxury, and comfort. It is therefore quite easy to understand why we prefer hardwood over softwood while making and installing deck extensions for homes and other public or private places. It is true that in the past softwood was used for making decks, yet there were several disadvantages, apart from the fact that due to extensive failing they soon became unavailable. However, if you think of a place in Toronto, then you will notice that most people prefer hardwood Decks Toronto to the softer ones for several good reasons.

Merits of a good deck

You may wish to have a deck that is not just an extension, but would be able to give you that long lasting satisfaction. For this, you need to choose hardwood, as it is a more durable option than softwood, and it gives you the satisfaction for the hard earned money that you spend. The biggest advantage with hardwood, such as teak, mahogany or cedar, and perhaps, the sturdiest of them being Ipe wood, is that they can easily withstand wet and icy conditions of Ontario.

Although priced at least 50% higher than cedar, the Ipe decks Toronto are the best among all the hardwood decks and are said to last anywhere between 25 to 50 years. This means that you need to make only a one-time investment, and then enjoy the luxury for decades.
This doesn’t mean that the cedar decks Toronto companies offers aren’t good enough. You may need some maintenance every year or so if you have the cedar type. But with Ipe, you get wood of high density, durability, and even fire-resistance features.

As regards other hardwood types, they need some maintenance periodically. For instance, your Cedar Deck Toronto may need some maintenance if the deck is at ground level or a shaded one as it dries slowly. However, the cedar feels like real natural wood, which is a big plus.

Ipe Pergola Lighting

Treating and maintenance

Most softwood needs treatment, while hardwood may need it occasionally, as they too are prone to wear and tear. For most hardwood other than Ipe, you would need to give it a fresh look with decktreatments using chemicals. You first need to strip the stain and sealer from the surface, and for this you may use chlorine bleach or oxalic acid. The chlorine bleach also known as hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite gets rid of mildew.

The oxalic acid is best for treating and removing tannin and iron stains, and this is particularly so with cedar and redwood decks. If, on the other hand, you have plants or pets, then you may need to use biodegradable products. This is free of bleach, acid or other chemicals. In case you need an alternative to stains, you may use a restorer that works like paint. Many people do so in Greater Toronto Area.

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