About Us

We provide professional and quality service within GTA.

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we offer. In result, if your deck looks good – our company looks good. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

What we Offer

  • Deck Building. From initial design to oiling.
  • Deck Repair. Repair and maintenance of decks up to 20 years old. Deck repairs often involve replacing of decking boards, screws, deck leaning, and reapplying of the finish.
  • Deck Permit. We can get a construction permit for your decking projects.
  • Privacy Screen/Fence. If you want to get yourself a bit of privacy, a wooden privacy screen or a fence is always a nice addition to a wooden deck.
  • Deck Design. We will measure, analyze, and create the most beautiful, practical, and budget-friendly design of your future deck. 

Work Team

  • Serge

    Serge has been developing and managing deck-building processes for over 12 years. He is energetic, skillful, and always...
  • Stepan

    Stepan is an experienced carpenter with dozens of projects outlined, designed, and finished. He has been an invaluable...
  • Angela

    Angela is our office fairy. She picks up the phone, answers emails, receives faxes, bills clients, and makes...
  • Nikita

    Nikita is a design specialist and is proud of his work. It’s through his eyes you will see...